Who I am

Who I am

Liene is an experienced learning designer and facilitator creating learning experiences for individuals, teams and businesses within areas such as individual and group development, communication, culture creation, goal and vision setting, feedback and conflict handling.

With sixteen years experience working with learning design, Liene can now be found working with Hyper Island helping companies become learning organisations through co-designing internal processes and programmes. Liene also spends 6-8 weeks a year facilitating the Swedish Defence College’s Understanding Groups and Leadership (UGL) 5-day course which is a course based on experiential learning of group development and leadership. Recently Liene joined Prosperous Planet as Head of Change Management and there her role is to aid companies adopt the behaviours required for successful transformation to new ways of working.

As an avid observer of people and their behaviours and habits it lead Liene to study Anthropology and Communication at London’s Goldsmiths University. She supplemented that Bachelor’s degree with the Swedish Defence College’s UGL (Understanding Groups and Leaders) facilitator education, SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) facilitator credentials, ICF (International Coaching Federation) certificate as well as a diploma in Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and Sustainable Change Management. 

Liene has lead processes and workshops with groups from different industries both in Sweden and internationally ranging in size from 1 to 500 participants. From these experiences she has gathered tools, methods and ways of facilitating that she has access to in her vast toolbox.

Liene Leimanis Bartlett

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